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"We could go for some snacks, sure!" Kizi secretly hated this position, of feeling she put someone out but not wanting to turn down their kindness for fear of being ungrateful - maybe they both genuinely did want a quick break, after all and she did not want to be a wrench in the works for that desire. This difficult position, caught between offers of kindness and a moral obligation not to be permanently demanding, seemed to happen quite often to her, she had noticed. Or at the very least, she struggled to handle it with deftness and grace.

Anyway, she had established a rule. Ask twice, then take the kindness. That way she was neither too willing to be helped nor too resistant to friendly offers. It had served her well, despite sometimes going against her natural, and counterproductively rather bothersome, inclinations not to be a bother. She had asked twice.

Had she?

Darn, she couldn't remember now. She couldn't add in another. Darn, this was a flaw in the system.

Oh well.

She smiled as they began walking to the snack table.

"So I'm here with Aiden - Slattery," she added for clarification, not mentioning his more infamous traits of sensitivity regarding his sister or a rather beakish nose. She did not like his nickname 'Beaks', as it seemed quite personally derogatory, and while he seemed okay with it, he also was okay with being known by his Christian name, and so that was what she stuck with. For ease. Didn't want to call him Beaks in the wrong situation, after all. "As partners. Not really as dates, more as friends. But yeah, he's off to the toilet for a few minutes."
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