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Brendan was happy to hear some advice from Maxim. Even though he was sure there were some mixed words from Maxim. But he was alright with that. Maybe he could at least try to make things work between him and Alba. He should at least try see if he could have a relationship with her. If it didn't work out, he was hoping that they could remain friends. Alba was definitely the type of girl he would like to hang out with. He was just being silly over panicking about things.

"T....Thanks, Maxim. That kind of helped calm me down a little." Brendan said as he was getting less tense and he smiled at Maxim. "....Uh... Do you--"

Before he could even ask Maxim the full question, Alba was back and she had brought three cups of punch that she had placed down on the table. He was happy to see her even though he had a little meltdown a few moments before her reappearance. He had to act normal. Then she asked if she missed anything. Oh....

"I.... Well...." His voice was getting quieter and he fiddled with his fingers, starting to sweat a little. "....We just talking about.... about...."

You. Just say you, Brendan.
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