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Well, so much for attracting as little attention as possible. Now that other girl was getting irritated as well, mission critically failed. Oof, that glare of hers looked like it could melt steel beams, let alone geeky Germans. At least it wasn't directed at him. Not yet, at least.

She was right though. It was petty of him to insist on something as trivial as this. Hell, he had even falsely claimed to have asked for the chair first - even though he had only planned to, but not finished his sentence in time. Just him being a slowpoke, as usual. On the other hand, he had come so far already, backing down now would only hurt his confidence more than -

Never mind. Mel had already gotten up on her own. Huh, rare to see such altruism among his classmates. He almost felt bad now, making a nice girl like her comply with his own selfish needs. Darn, one of those moral dilemmas again, weren't there enough of those in the books he was reading already? He could just make it easy on himself, sit down and refrain from asking any more questions. Ta-dah! All good.

In fact, there was no need for him to have any more moral qualms. She had already sat back down, on the table, sure, but she didn't look like she minded at all. Pretty much an invitation for him to sit his own behind down already, now she even said it. Well, not exactly like that, but the idea was very much the same.

Maxim wrung his hands for a second, pondering how to thank Melanie for her indulgence. He settled for the simplest way he could think of. Grabbing his bag tightly, he lowered himself onto the chair, the object of his desire, all while muttering a less than enthusiastic "thanks."

Sure, he could have been a little more cordial, but she was already busy ogling that inky "art work", or however that other girl wanted to call it. He personally found it to be distasteful, but to each their own, as long as they didn't bother him with it.
In any case, he had wasted enough thought on his surroundings already - time to get back to the matter at hand. Didn't help his patience that the last chapter he had read ended on a cliffhanger. Eagerly, he opened up the tote bag containing his precious - comparison to Gollum, didn't seem that farfetched, really. Finally, his fingers felt at the smoothness of the book's cover and he let his fingertips linger over it for a moment. No class book could ever yield that same feeling of comfort!

All would have been perfect, if not for the fact that Mel couldn't seem to keep her mouth closed. This was a library, not a fish market! Oh well, he had picked his poison, too late to change his mind now. And besides, she would have to stop talking at some point, right?

With a sigh, Maxim pulled out the seventh volume of the Skullduggery Pleasant series and flipped it open, using the silky white bookmark.
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