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Apr 4 2016, 02:16 AM
That said, I'd be curious for your thoughts on RC, and Danny at this point. Grim & Yugi would be of interest too.
Okie dokie, thoughts (also reading everything that's come up of late and sprinkling that in--big post likely to be all I add today since we have more time now):

I've basically let Danny go for the moment. I'm not town-reading him--I don't agree that it's obvious he's harmless and I don't like giving too much credit, but there's enough consistency that he's back in the null range.

The RC train feels really misguided to me. RC did what he tends to do--say something bizarre and stand by it a bit too long--and I do not at all like how a large chunk of the game slid neatly into line without much elaboration. I'm not super fond of Flare's role in it, especially given his actions last phase but he gets slight credit for starting the train rather than sheeping it.

Actually, changed my mind here; we've talked recently about why that's a bad position to take and Flare's distancing himself from the train he started as son as it's picking up steam. Very sketchy.

VOTE: Flare

Talk to me a bit about your actions. You stand by your vote, or you don't? You don't want to lynch him now... but leave the vote on? What was your initial read of RC's vote? How did that change as he responded? What do you see his game as if he's scum? I don't like that you managed to pretend like you were answering Vyse's question while still playing both sides. I'd like some really detailed talk here.

Yugi: If Danny flips scum, I give it 75% Yugi is also scum. The inverse is not necessarily true, though. Yugi's subtly but notably gone to bat for Danny on several occasions in a way that seems designed to pull him out of the fire with as little info divulged as necessary. He's the one who pointed out that Danny claimed publicly, the one who then said based on that claim he was pretty sure Danny was town, and the one who hinted he might reveal what Danny said. He hasn't followed through yet, and won't gain or lose any points based on doing so or not since I'm getting into this, but from the conspiracy corner Yugi seems to be the only one aware of the hidden info and has used that to put himself into a position of authority that really lets him shape the narrative there. If he and Danny are allied scum, Yugi, as the more experienced player, could easily be taking point to repair things. Alternately, he could be defending Danny either out of legitimate interest or to bolster his town cred if only he is scum of the pair.

I'm also, in retrospect, not keen on Yugi's day one play, because he pushed against Frogue's claim (which I dissected a bit more in relation to Cicada), and pushed towards a random inactivity pruning (which I feel is a poor choice). Leaning scummy here the more I look, but this isn't taking the whole into account, just what I got from rereading his iso, so I'm gonna give it a closer look tomorrow.

Grim is Grim and seems fine with the exception of the jump onto the RC wagon. Actually, though, a few things: I don't have a great grasp of Grim's scum game since it's been forever since I played vs. it. I also find his decision to back both sides of a dispute uncharacteristically cautious of him, and his vote on RC also turns up the pressure on Prim for being noncommittal. Personally, I actually felt Prim's actions leaned more townish; they were an expression of confusion not coupled with hasty action, which fits my read on Prim's playstyle. So hmm... Grim is sketch but less so than Flare and Yugi, probably more than Danny.

Will definitely have to go through everything more closely (and develop a legit comprehensive reads list with everyone on it) soonish.
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