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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Alba dance-walked over to the refreshment table. She made her bathroom trip as quick as possible so she wouldn't miss anything, and so she wouldn't leave the guys waiting too long for punch. She reached the table and hummed to herself.

Alba grabbed three cups and laid them out in a row on the table. One by one she started to fill them with the ladle. Once she had them filled, she tried to push the three cups together so she could carry them with both hands.

"Okay, the next part is crucial," she muttered to herself.

Alba walked around the dance hall, past all the other students and towards the table where Brendan and Maxim were seated. She approached them from behind, trying to step carefully without spilling any punch. She couldn't hear what they were talking about over the music, so she spoke loudly as she got close.

"Hey, muchachos," she shouted, placing the cups on the table. "Who's thirsty?"

Alba began to pass the cups down the table to Maxim and Brendan. She then took her seat.

"So, did I miss anything?"
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