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((Laurels gave me the okay to post ahead.))

Brendan was actually relieved that Maxim was starting a conversation with him. It was better than them just sitting there in silence. After all, Brendan had been the one who invited Maxim to join the table. Brendan didn't even know what his problem was. Was it because they were at the dance? Maybe he was just losing it. He should answer the question. And try to stop being so weird. Just talk like you normally do with Maxim, Brendan. Just stop being too nervous.

Him and Alba being a couple..... Brendan blushed. He was thinking about it. She was a really sweet girl and she was talkative. Not in a bad way. But he thought that maybe it wouldn't work out. Why was he thinking of the negatives of a relationship? He was being foolish. He shook his head a little. No, no. He just needed to think positively.

He was still feeling a bit tense but he showed Maxim a somewhat more calm smile. "You really think that me and Alba make a good couple?" He asked curiously as he was still holding his cup in his hand and he placed it back down on the table slowly. He was glad that he hadn't knocked it over. That would have been more embarrassing. "Actually the first time we met, we actually crashed into each other while I was out jogging at the park. Not the best way to meet someone but we got to know each other a little. She really seems like golf, she can be funny, really sweet and outgoing. She's really fun to hang out with and I did have a fun time with her out on the dance floor. Uh.... Were you watching us, Maxim?"

His smile faded slightly. He realised just then that he only really liked Alba as a friend than a date. He was having a great time with her but he didn't want to do any romantic stuff with her. Like kissing. Or holding hands. Or anything else. He glanced at Maxim and he was thinking that he should tell him how he really felt about Alba.

"I....I don't think I like Alba in a romantic way. Does that make me a bad person? Wanting to just be friends with her? Will Alba not like me anymore if I told that?" He was feeling a little panic and he knew that he had to calm down. Maxim would probably think he is overreacting. "I don't even know why I am panicking about this. I...I...."

His hand was shaking on the table and he took a deep breath to try to relax. It wasn't working.
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