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So I figured that here was a good place to put it as any so I decided to include some music stuff here too!

For the most part, I compose, arrange, and make mashups, although the only one I do entirely for my leisure is the last one. Most of my compositions are for the TV2 game (which I don't think I can show yet?) and most of my arrangements were for a site that I ultimately decided to leave. You probably don't really care about this though so I'll just put the two mashups I made here.

Here's one I made six months ago. It's been blocked for Germans (and only germans, which is weird) because of copyright claims, though.

And here's the other. The very beginning has a couple problems but I'd still say it's good!

Also, I'm totally free to take requests for mashups, so long as the songs fit together! There's something else I want to do first but other than that I can consider requests as I please!
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