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Man Jasmine was such a nerd! That's why Irene liked her, totes. Prowling through the depths of gently dusted shounen and what seemed to be books from the school library. Jazzy was a thief? Irene didn't care, maybe except for the part where she got to imagine Jasmine awkwardly shuffling around with a book hidden flat in her sweater. The Irene approved methodology for book smuggling. Rated so highly for cuteness and inefficiency.

"Wha?" For a moment Irene had forgotten whose house this was. This could have been her bookshelf, her history books, save for the fact that she owned neither of those things in any abundance. Quantities as negligible as her attention span.

"[Blah blah blah] ... further insubordinance, I will need to exile you. Now, as a kind and forgiving queen, I will show my mercy and allow you to choose where you are exiled to."

Mrs. Bark's classroom? The Safeway Plaza? THE NEIGHBOR'S POOL.

"You have two options... [Blah blah blah]"


"Naughty corner? Are you kidding me, Queen Jazzy? You and I both know I am the innocentest girl that has ever stepped foot in this household. Next time we're over at my house I'll show you my search history! Clean as a Cleansweep Seven." But what Irene obviously banked on was a little thing she liked to call Incognito Mode. That she forgot to use, anyways. Irene indulged herself in a confident saunter to her friend's side while Jasmine indulged herself in an attempt at modulated egotism. Pretty laugh. If a laugh were a physical object Irene would have totally let herself be distractedly led astray by it.

Like it stopped her, a little thing like abstraction. Irene bumrushed the door, moving right past Jasmine.

"Last one down is a rotten egg! And I'm fine!" Because she got herself a head start. Go go go go. Irene shambled for the stairs, daring to spread her arms to the walls to block a last second pass from her friend-slash-competitor (emphasis on both words at the same time) as Irene beeline-ed for downstairs at speeds with which she'd probably trip.

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Oh, it's so sad to think about the good times, you and I... · Memories from the Past