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Now he'd done it. Whoever that other boy was, Maxim had just managed to disturb his righteous slumber, awaken him. Then again, what did he think would happen? That he'd just sit there and watch Sleeping Beauty do their thing? Of course this had been bound to happen the moment Maxim joined him at the table. And now that he thought about it, he had absolutely no clue how he was going to explain himself.

Yes, he definitely didn't know who the other guy was, it was certain now that he was able to really see his face. Looked Mexican to him, what with the tan and all. Not that it mattered in any way. There certainly was a word for this kind of situation in the native language of the guy as well and it most likely translated to 'awkward'.

The other boy had asked him something. If he could help Maxim in any way? Why, that was an excellent question, actually. He would have liked the answer to it himself, because he had absolutely no earthly clue what he had intended to achieve by taking a seat at that table. But he couldn't just answer him with that now, could he?

He was starting to feel nervous. He had only just escaped the clutches of the crowd, only to end up in yet another rather uncomfortable situation. Though the latter was the preferable one to him, no doubt. At least this guy seemed like he was a polite enough fella. Maybe he should just give it a shot, try and make his visit of the ninja table worthwhile?

Ah shucks. He could still retreat later. At least if he embarassed himself now, only the other boy would bear witness to it.

Maxim cleared his throat, then fiddled around with a strand of his hair for a moment, before starting to talk. "I, well- No, you're not in my seat, or anybody's - at least I don't think so!" A brief silence followed. What to say next? Honest approach, maybe?

"You see, I - I really don't have a reason for sitting here, except...well, except that I don't wanna be over there where all the people are. That's it."

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