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And she did! Jasmine’s grin set itself back into a smile as Irene let out a burst, moving towards her bookshelf and taking a look at what was on it. There wasn’t a lot on it, really. Well, there were things on it (it was almost full), but not a lot that she could consider personal, like the toybox. That didn’t mean that everything on it was superficial or unimportant though, far from that. Just from looking at it she could see things from her past that she was sure Irene would enjoy. Mini-history books which Jasmine was sure weren’t in print anymore, books stolen from school libraries with the covering still on top, and the 39 Clues series, preserved from a time when Jasmine didn’t know any better. Were they still publishing those books? She remembered that they were somehow coming out with a third series a few months ago but she didn’t know if people actually still read them or not. Well, it wasn’t like anyone actually cared about the books, anyway. The cards were where it was at.

But anyway, back to the story. Irene was checking her bookshelf, and had decided to again challenge her on her authority. Who did Irene think she was? A princess or something? She snorted, raising her head higher. This was clearly insubordinance on Irene’s behalf and she was not going to have any of that in her household.

“Well, Princess, it seems that you have forgotten who’s house this is. For your further insubordinance, I will need to exile you. Now, as a kind and forgiving queen, I will show my mercy and allow you to choose where you are exiled to.”

She giggled. Here was the good part. She knew that neither of them were actually taking this seriously but it was fun at least pretending to be a queen, at least for a bit. Bow down, peon, or it’s off with your head. Don’t you know you’re in the presence of royalty?

She giggled again. See, it was fun, and the best part was coming right up.

“You have two options, you can either go downstairs to the living room and watch Sherlock with me,” she said, pointing towards the door of her room.

“Oorrr…” she continued, switching her hands so that she pointed at the north-east corner of the room. Time for the good part. “You can sit in the naughty corner.”

She laughed, not quite loudly but loud enough to not be considered a giggle. She knew that it wasn’t proper etiquette to laugh at your own joke but she couldn’t help it, it had just come into her head and it was too funny for her not to use.

“Sorry,” she said, continuing to laugh. “I just can’t take what I’m saying seriously right now. Oh! By the way, I forgot to ask. How are you?”
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Oh, it's so sad to think about the good times, you and I... · Memories from the Past