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“Sure, thanks.” he said, heading over to Nadia’s computer and taking a quick look at what she was working on. Nothing that wowed him especially, but it had a lot more character than his shots. Again, the colour was probably bringing out a lot more that the people couldn’t by themselves.

“Mm, yeah, looks good.” He muttered in a tone that perhaps sounded just a little bit like a platitude. It did look fine, fine enough for yearbook, but it wasn’t jumping off the screen at him. Wasn’t a comment on Nadia’s work, just on this shot in particular.

“So these are what I’ve got.” He laid his set of prints out on the table, pushing the keyboard back and out the way. He looked over them again, hoping that with a little more time they might’ve improved, but ending up being left disappointed.

“I dunno, I wanted to see how it turned out in black and white but it just looks really flat and dull to me. I mean, they’re supposed to be having fun but I can’t really feel like there’s a lot of motion going on with these shots, you know?”

“Like, look at this one.” he pointed at a somewhat mismatched couple, the girl at least a foot shorter than the guy, holding hands with an awkward expression plastered on the latter’s face. However, from Sandy’s perspective, what should’ve been a playful tease was just a frozen facet of empty stillness. “Do they look like they’re awkward but happy? I saw that when I took the picture but there’s none of that in here.”

“Or this one.” This time he was pointing at a pair of wallflowers, one of them trying to coax the other to hit the dance floor. Again, the promise of some social excitement that followed a period of shy hesitation hadn’t been captured at all. “Do they look like they’re about to come out of their shells to you? I do not see two people coming out of their shells here.”

He looked back at Nadia, giving her a face that urged her to agree with him. He needed validation that what they were looking at was total crap; at least that way he'd know for sure what he'd done here was total crap.
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