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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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"63," Noah told Henry. "As great as it was to see Owen Wilson literally lose his head, it's too difficult to watch Mrs. Michael Douglas pretend to be queer."

Noah chuckled to himself. He had seen the remake of The Haunting on TV once before, and it was too funny to be scary. It at least motivated him to rent the original, and that made for a more enjoyable evening.

Michael went on about other psychological horror flicks and how he preferred films with actual tension. Noah could nod along with those points. Tension was the same as comedic payoff, and Noah knew how important they were to build up and then unleash the result upon the audience.

Michael then went onto "so bad, it's good" films. Noah chuckled.

"Indeed," Noah said. "they are often more fun. Like, you could forget that Rocky Horror has some really dark elements because everyone looks ridiculous and is behaving strangely, and all in song."
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