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((Nadia Riva continued from I could live in the world just like a stranger))

Nadia sat at a computer in the photo lab and stared at the photo before her. It was a trio of students she couldn't exactly recognize sitting around a table at the Sadie Hawkins dance. She clicked around the photo to crop out some blurs on the side of the photo. There had probably been someone moving around near them, and she needed it cropped out. The students on their own looked good, and so they didn't need some amorphous shape to the side.

Nadia had hoped to have a decent night at Sadie Hawkins. She could get dressed up and maybe dance along to some current music. Everything was planned, but then a curve ball came in. The Yearbook adviser asked her to take pictures at the dance. They were short staffed for the event, so they wanted to know if she could help out. Nadia knew Photography Club often got outsourced for jobs like this, and while it annoyed her, she agreed to it. It's more photo credits for the Yearbook, and she could use the extra publication history.

So she sat at the computer, going through the photos she had taken that night, trying to find the best ones to turn in for the Yearbook. She found a few so far, but Nadia knew she'd need a lot more than that. She took a few dozen pictures, so she had plenty to work with.

Hey, can I get your opinion on these?

Nadia turned in her seat and saw Sandy standing there with some pictures. Sandy was a decent guy, one of the few other photographers at Cochise and someone who generally stayed on her good side. He was good at what he did, and so she was glad to help him with his photos.

"Definitely," she told him. "I could use some critique myself if that's cool with you."
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