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((Sandy Bricks pregame start))

Sandy held the final print up in the red light of the school’s dark room, squinting in the dimness to see how it had turned out. It was okay, he guessed.

He clipped it to the drying line, where an array of photos from the Sadie Hawkins were arranged, featuring smiling couples, rowdy stag goers, and plenty of high school memories. To him though, he couldn’t help but look and see them as somewhat hollow.

Maybe he was being overly perfectionist; maybe he didn’t really get into the spirit because he only went to the dance to take photos for the yearbook; or maybe the pictures were just bad. Standing there, staring at them with his knuckle pressed to his lip, was doing very little to make them look any better.

He let out a sigh. If nothing else, they would probably be alright for the yearbook, and he was mostly just experimenting with the black and white shots in the first place. He’d brought two cameras to the dance: one from home and one borrowed from the school. The digital shots on the latter would, with any luck, turn out better. Even then, the glow from all the decoration at the space themed dance was somewhat lost on the monochrome prints, and it added an air of seriousness to something that was supposed to be casual and fun.

Yeah, now that he could see what he’d created, it was feeling like a flop. If they were for himself rather than the school, he’d throw these out and call it quits.

He turned away from the prints, chewing on his knuckle again as he thought what to do. He still had the second set of photos to go through, but at this point a creeping doubt was souring his opinion of them. The poor decision was digging into him, but he couldn’t tell if he was just overreacting to an honest mistake.

After struggling to make up his mind for long enough, he took down the string of photos and left the darkroom for the photo lab. He needed a second opinion at this point, and fortunately he wasn't the only one working on Sadie Hawkins shots that morning.

“Hey, can I get your opinion on these?”
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