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Before Brendan could get up to get the punch himself, Alba had offered to get it herself and she was already up on her feet. He felt a bit bad but Alba seemed to be set on getting Maxim a drink after she would go to the bathroom. Brendan actually thought that was really sweet of her to do. Although, he had wanted to really do it himself. He shifted slightly in his chair uncomfortably. He couldn't even say anything before what Alba said next.

"I'll be back in a moment. Max, don't steal my date."

Alba had already walked off as Brendan was already starting to get red in the face. Was he really blushing in front of Maxim? He was sure that Alba was making a joke. Although. Brendan was known for falling for other people easily. He let out a small nervous laugh. He glanced over at Maxim and he picked up his cup in one of his hands. Don't get nervous, don't get nervous. He was just alone with another guy. No big deal. Maxim was just a friend. So why was his heart beating like crazy? Sure, Maxim was an attractive guy and he had a great personality but Brendan was sure that Maxim didn't think of him in a romantic way. He needed to say something. Anything.

"I....I....I...." Brendan's voice was getting quieter and his smile was a little wobbly. He didn't know what to say. Had he ever acted like this before in front of Maxim? Maybe he wasn't sure. He needed to speak. "....Um...."

Good job, Brendan. Maxim possibly thought that he was being weirder than normal. He couldn't even think of anything different to talk about with him. His confidence was sinking lower and lower. He took a sip from his punch cup. It did taste very sweet in his mouth. He felt so embarrassed by his behaviour in front of Maxim. He didn't want to get a crush on Maxim right now as he didn't want to mess things up with Alba and he really did like Alba a lot. But he also liked Maxim a little bit more. He was starting to feel bad about his unwanted feelings.
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