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Irene had spared a moment of silence for Pete the Parrot. She hadn't been silent, still shuffling herself not-so-carefully through the toys. But she'd thought she'd been silent.

Anyways. Hoping for an Irene laugh was a waste of neurons. Irene liked laughing, whether it was warranted or not. Chuckling. Giggling. Hysterics. In the span of some amount of moments she briefly flitted through all of those states while picking her options. Choices, choices, life was toy box to pick your fave out of! Irene settled for an affected guffaw, haughty as she swaggered her way over to the next thing in the room that distracted so adeptly. A bookshelf. Irene would flip through those book names like her finger was on a Yellow Pages. A book that had once existed, a reference that had once had meaning, according to her mother's stories that she barely payed attention to.

"The Queen forgets! I don't have a room in her household." Whole aborted 'lets be sisters' plan aside. Or whatever it had been. Some things were forgiven, some were forgotten. As long as Irene kept her near one-hundred percent win rate on that front, she would remain immune to all life threw her way. Maybe a friend or two lost in the shuffle, but she had plenty more! Screw the ones who betrayed their princess.

"Liberty or death! If you will not have my glory then have my head." Where had this act come from, anyways? Eh, who cared. It was fun. Barely ten minutes in and Irene's mouth was already getting that familiar 'smiling and laughing too much' pain that comes part of the package deal with friends and sleepovers. Like a vise clamped right over joints of chin and jaw. But hell, she was fighting for her freedom anyways. Even pain couldn't hold her down. She'd moved far enough, sauntered so that her eager digits were prying at the wood of Jazzy's bookshelf.

Irene's eyes flicked eagerly between book covers, looking at some twice and some not even once.

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Oh, it's so sad to think about the good times, you and I... · Memories from the Past