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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Hmph. Alright, dude. Let's see what you got.

Jerry had his hands up and his eyes forward. A couple fake-outs from Trav, but if they didn't come within range of hand smackin', Jerry didn't pay him any mind. It wasn't like this was the first time anybody ever threw a feint his way.

Jab, jab, jab. Now Trav was screwing around with the jabs, controlling the pace of the fight. They were pretty to stop; hell, one of them didn't even make full contact. Did Trav just not know how to throw a punch? If so, that might make this easier than it had to be. All Jerry had to do was get in and-

The right hook practically came out of nowhere, appearing on the left side of Jerry's peripheral vision as he remained focused on Trav's center. It was slow but there was a lot of power behind that. Fortunately, karate had like... the PERFECT block for that. He couldn't remember exactly what it was called, but he did remember how to do it, and Trav's main offense was...

Jerry's right arm swung in to cage the blow coming from Trav's lightning-quick left straight. No thinking, no planning, no time. Stopping that thing was either instinct or luck, and the first one sounded cooler. At any rate, THAT was the real attack, and Trav's left side looked open. Jerry wasn't the best kicker, but it was either Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee who said something like 'I fear the man who practices a kick a million times' or some shit like that. Maybe it was Chuck Norris. Steven Segal? Crying out loud, it was ONE of those guys. Point was, Jerry knew how to do a side-thrust kick.

So Jerry did a side-thrust kick.

With his right foot.

At Trav's left side.
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