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The tears went away, but like those other times before nothing really seemed to clear. When the tears went away things were supposed to get better, right? But Irene would always somehow get the sense that nothing had resolved. Nothing clear cut. Irene flailed at it for a moment, blankly observed Abby. The way she smiled and the way it seemed like that smile wasn't complete. Like a sketch, a moment only barely captured in flesh-tone. Wobbly lines. Finger painting. Irene's compulsion to reach out and trace over the contours of Abby's face was only barely ignored.

"Well, it happens to everyone." Wasn't entirely true. Sometimes a 'little moment' could be something more. Something to puzzle and solve out like a textbook problem. Irene didn't always get the best grades. "I, uh..."


"Hope you're feeling better now!" Really it was more like 'hope you're feeling better now?' The exclamation point didn't really avoid the fate of being a glorified question mark. Irene continued to wonder. To remember how she'd wondered so many times before, and how every single time it had gone:

"Well I guess I should be going now. Class and all. We should talk again sometime though, you're super cool Abby!" That, at least, was totes true. Irene got the inkling that what she was doing was totally not the way to go about it. Well it had always gone alright prior. It wasn't like her sister had dumped her for doing the wrong thing. Or her old friends... um. Well, okay. Some had. "Here's my number." Irene blurted it out, managed to slip a nervous giggle at the '69' in the final four digits. It was always nice to give the old number out. A lot of people in the school had it. It was a typical Djezari closing statement, her phone number. Always worked. No matter what.


If there had been a door for Irene to awkwardly stall at and debate the merits of closing or leaving open she'd have been a bit longer.

But she just walked off, but not without an obvious backwards glance or a few.

((Irene Djezari continued in Dance or Die))

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