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Jasmine continued to watch Irene as she went through her little treasure chest, giggling slightly as Irene uncovered the wonders that laid within. They were mostly things that Jasmine had got whenever the Kings were on a road trip, but they still had some sentimental value to her; the cat was only there because it didn’t really fit anywhere else in the room and the bear was her favourite before it got its throat, like, torn open. She wasn’t even really sure how that happened. One day she looked at the bear and it was fine and a couple days later when she looked at it its head was half torn off. It was probably Molly’s fault, no way Jasmine could do something like that without realising it.

Still though, it was nice seeing these things come out. It was a blast from the past, in a way. Something that she could look at and smile because she knew where and when it come from. She wasn’t sure what Irene thought about her toys, but if she dismissed them as dumb Jasmine knew they wouldn’t have the same opinion. They actually meant a lot to her, and she didn’t think those feelings were going to change.

She had to admit that she did cringe a little though when Irene pressed on Peter, though. She thought that she had been able to escape the unholy screeching when she had banished him to the chest. It turned out that she was wrong. He had been released, and she now knew that she could never truly escape the terror only known as Pete the Parrot.

Unless she put him back into the toybox, of course.

“Yeah, um,” Jasmine said, watching as Irene put the parrot back into the chest. “That’s Pete the Parrot. I played with him all the time when I was like, eight. Soon he became corrupted with evil and I had to lock him away before the corruption reached the other animals.” That was a good enough backstory for him. It was something that Irene would at least find funny.

And then Irene had the gall to doubt her authority, saying that the princess by plot obligation was better than the queen. This was something Irene did all the time, but it wasn’t really a joke the two of them shared. It was more Irene trying to undermine her authority in a pathetic attempt to be seen as not inferior. To be fair, it was a joke, in a way. Her attempts were laughable and they both knew it. It was a good idea to at least respond to it, though, at least so that Jasmine could put her back into her place. Also made sure that her superiority her wasn’t compromised, for what that was worth.

“But, as the queen of this house, I have far more power than you could ever imagine,” she said, putting her hand to her neck and raising her head high. “As punishment for your insubordination, I order you to go to your room, or else…” She suddenly whipped her finger across her neck, pretending to slit her throat. “It’s off with your head.”

She grinned, snorting slightly. She again hoped that Irene would laugh.
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Oh, it's so sad to think about the good times, you and I... · Memories from the Past