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Hello frands.

Nate and Noah should definitely know each other from drama club. Depending on whether or not Nate's familiar with Noah's drag act (I haven't read in the profile in a while, you'll have to forgive me) he may find it a bit odd and perhaps a tad confusing, but the guy's not that judgemental. I also agree that Nadia and Sandy could get along relatively well, if being introduced through the photography then leads to a general amicability.

I must admit Maxim and Sandy doesn't immediately jump off the page at me as a dynamic duo; if anything their lack of shared interests and mutually reserved nature makes me think they wouldn't have much reason to strike up a huge conversation. That said, there's no reason that it has to be completely off the table, and perhaps if the two interacted we might see something more apparent. Hard to say at this stage.
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