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"Psychological horror, yeah, pretty good. Shi-uhhh" Damn, almost cursed, gotta hold your tongue Michael. Don't wanna hafta' leave class early. "T-things like uhhh, Jacobs Ladder or Donnie Darko, yeah?"

To Michael, psychological horror was a pretty good genre, though it wasn't perfect as it was praised to be. For every Eraserhead, there was like some six pretentious flicks with no coherent plot for the sake of having no coherent plot, with the occasional ear rape distorted image thrown in. One of the reasons Mike preferred slashers was because you didn't need too much plot to keep people invested. Just some good ol' special effects and creativity. Michael had to stifle a giggle at the Troll 2 line. That's some good taste right there! No sarcasm. Oh my gaaaaahhhhd...

"Yeah, I get that, I prefer some of the more eh, realistic films I guess. Not shi- uh stuff like the Nightmare on Elm Street series, or the later Friday 13th movies, but the ones with actual tension. First Halloween, the old 'Tee Cee Emms', Hostel's probably the tensest one I seen though. Not the sequels, those are garbage."

There's nothing wrong with a little campiness in a slasher flick, but it's got to be pre-established first. You can't make a Troma quality film with the expectation it's going to be Hellraiser. Still, intentional campy horror films are great. Not gonna lie there.

"On the subject of eheh, Troll heheh two, a 'so good it's bad' movie's always got more entertainment value than a plain bad film. Sleepaway Camp Two's the perfect example of awesome crappy films. There's also Street Trash."

Well Michael, you got your wish, two sentences in and you started a pretty nice conversation. Fuck yes! Charisma motherfuckers!
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