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Oh my god, she was surrounded by neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerds. There was a difference between being smart, which was sorta okay, and being obsessive, which greasy kid and Henry and Al clearly were. And like, somethings were worth obsessing over, because they were great and important and useful, but all this trivia about dates and themes and uuuuuuugh, it was so boring. It's not like they were gonna be tested on it or anything, so why even care? Maybe they thought it made them cool or interesting or something, which just showed how sad and misinformed they were about how the world worked.

Well, Greasy and Henry thought that way, at least. Al was barely even a supporting character in this little drama, she'd cut him from the show entirely if she was casting it. Somebody needed to spice that boy's life up, he was always so quiet and weird. Sure, maybe he'd be awful and boring once he opened up, but he was definitely awful and boring now, so why not roll the dice on an improvement?

She tucked that nugget away in the back of her head for now and tried to tune out all the geek going on around her. It was time to plot until something entertaining happened again.
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