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Cristo took a breath and put his head down on his knees for a few minutes once Nadia left. Deep breaths, that was it. Deep breaths, don't get upset. Just a little discussion, that was all.

Except that wasn't it at all, and he knew it. He couldn't quite put into words why he was upset, when Nadia was the one who had felt like her personal security was being invaded, but he was. He felt attacked, almost. He'd had people tell him that he was bothering them before, but he hadn't expected anyone to get so annoyed if they caught him watching. He could have wondered why, could have come up with half a dozen reasons that Nadia might have for such a response, but...

Well, he really didn't feel like thinking about her anymore. Or anyone else, for that matter. Not today. The park had turned out to not be such a great idea after all. Maybe in the future he ought to just stick with his neighborhood.

With a soft sigh, Cristo lifted his head from his knees and put his fallen earbud back in. The battery on his iPod was getting low, anyway. All signs pointed to going home and staying there for a good long while as the best course of action.

Cristóbal stood and stretched, shot a quick glance over just to make sure that Nadia wasn't pointing her camera at him again, and left the park.

He tried not to spend too much time that night wondering if she'd really deleted those pictures.

((Cristóbal Morales continued in Wasserweber))
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