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Rorick Skyve
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Greetings, good Slam.

As far as I can see, Sandy and Maxim would probably go along rather well, as you might know since you critiqued him. Both are rather introverted, but try to socialize with people, at least occasionally. They also seem to have quite similiar childhoods, at least in some regards, as well as a shared fondness for fiction/reading. I could see them sort of connecting over their reclusive natures, as well as Maxim being drawn to people who are somewhat similiar to himself.

He would also have an understanding for Sandy's occasional "low moods", as you put it, since he tends to be in similiar moods himself.

Lastly, even though Maxim hasn't outed himself as gay yet and probably has no knowledge of Sandy being homosexual either, I could see this shared aspect of their characters leading to an interesting dynamic.
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