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((Jasmine King, continued from Caravan))

Jasmine plonked herself onto the middle of one of the park benches, gently lowering her bag onto the ground as she allowed her muscles to relax a bit. She had walked a long way from her English class, and as much as she didn’t like to admit it she was actually slightly exhausted from it. Of course, she could have taken the walk more slowly, but she had a streak to maintain, and if she walked slowly she risked it getting broken. She lifted up her hands and stroked them through her hair as she looked around, seeing if any of her friends were coming. She was the first one to get here, of course. She had consistently been the first to get here for around a week now and again, she wasn’t going to break that streak any time soon. She took her hands out of her hair as she reached down into her bag, intent on taking out her lunch box. She wondered what her mom made for her today; she didn’t check when she put it in her bag and her mom told her that it was something special and extra tasty.

She grabbed it and pushed herself back up, having to put a hand in front of her face as the Kingman sun tried blaring its light into her eyes. It was fairly hot today. Jasmine didn’t really tend to notice the temperature but she had to admit that she was getting a little bit beaten under the sun. She wasn’t really quite sure what to do about it, to be honest. She knew that she could move somewhere else where there was actual shade but she didn’t really want to do that when there was nobody else here. She’d wait, probably, until a couple other people got here before she and they moved to a shady spot. Then she ensured that she wouldn’t be the only person in the shady spot that she chose, unless the others also decided to go to a shady spot and somehow managed to go to the same spot Jasmine was at. Good plan? Good plan.

She looked around, across the Grounds, to see if anyone was coming. No luck. The main crowds were starting to come to the grounds now and it was difficult to make out anyone within it. Oh well, if any of her friends were in that crowd they knew where to go. They had sat here for most of the school year now so they probably had a good idea on where they were supposed to sit. It was her idea, of course. Having a place to sit near the… back? The back of the grounds? It was close to the fence and she could see the rest of the grounds from here but was back the right word? Whatever. She was mostly thinking to herself so she didn’t have anyone who could correct her here. Basically, she elected that her group sat here because from where they sat they could see the rest of the grounds from here. She said to everyone that it carried a good view, but to be honest she was more into seeing the rest of the grounds from here because she could see everything that was happening on the ground. She hadn’t caught anything yet, but she imagined that she’d be able to witness something going on soon, if she waited for a bit.

For now, though, she started opening her lunchbox, slightly interested in what her mom's surprise was going to be.
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