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“Fine, whatever. Knock yourself out.”

Not the kind of polite answer Maxim had hoped for, but well, it was an answer at least. An affirmative one as well. And after all, he didn't need to try and further socialize with the girl, right? No need to approach the unapproachable. He just needed to sit down, keep his mouth shut and let the writing and wit of his favorite author do the rest for him. In theory, at least.

Just when Maxim had opened his mouth to give thanks - in an overly flowery manner of speech, no doubt - his plans were spontaneously shattered and then ground into fine dust. He barely had time to even turn his head before the object of his desire was swiftly taken by another person, out of nowhere, like a breeze.

"Hey, wha-" He didn't even manage to finish a single line of expressing his surprise, instead, he just stood there, dumbfounded and looking a proper Charlie. So much for things going his way for once. His streak of terrible luck just didn't know when to end.

Just another day in paradise...

Only now did he take his time to properly examine the intruder, who was sitting with her back turned to him at the moment. Something familiar about that curly, brown hair. Something, something, history class...

The girl turned her head and at last, the penny dropped. Melanie, yes, that was her name. Pleasant creature, as far as he could remember. He had only fleetingly interacted with her in the past, but she had managed to leave some sort of impression on him nonetheless. Probably because she had been one of the few of his classmates he didn't instantly feel nervous around. Something about her aura, maybe.

She had addressed him just now, asked him something, but he had once again been too busy with his own thoughts to catch the full sentence. Maxim felt guilty for a second, but then noticed her expression, which, to him, indicated that she was not expecting him to answer. Kind of a gamble to assume that, but it was better to roll with it than to ask her to repeat her sentence.

That aside, he had a more dire problem at the moment. It only took him another swift glance around himself to see that all the other chairs were still taken. Yippie. That obviously meant he had to take on the challenge of somehow managing to reclaim his rightful throne, he had to actually win through this time. In other words, he could abandon all hope.

"Hey, uh...Melanie? That is what you are called, correct?"

Drop the stiff language. Get a little determination in there.

He cleared his throat, then took a small step forward, just about enough to not invade any kind of comfort zone, or so he thought, at least. "I don't mean to - well, to burst your bubble, I guess you could say, but I think I was the first one to ask for permission to sit there. And technically, you didn't ask at all, so..." He coughed into his paw once more, an awkward attempt to cover his anxiety. "But...in any case, good to see you, I guess..."
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