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Just a simple thank you, but she made it so. Well. Divine. Every little hint of her bountiful thanks in her body language, he had no choice but to see it. This was truly the power of the fairer sex. To make everything just better, somehow. Ben half bent into a curtsy himself before he realized that was stupid and not what he was supposed to be doing. He laughed. It was all irredeemably awkward and dorky, and he was totally happy with that fact.

They didn't need to speak for a bit. Fighting the home was the greater battle to be won.

But Ben would have been a liar if he didn't admit that he was thinking. A lot. Like, what was going to happen now? Where had her question come from in the first place? She'd always been there, but never with even a hint of something like this. Maybe it was rude to ask. Maybe he had to ask. Motive was always a factor, one that had to be established. Ben waited until they had moved rooms, finally wrangling the living room into something approaching decency. Sweep the tile, polish the tile, something or another about broccoli...

"So why'd you pick me? I guess I'm alright as far as guys go, but I never imagined you were all that into me." Seemed like a reasonable way to ask the question at hand. A rag furiously swiped at the handle of the fridge, chipped at the murk obscuring the door polish bit by bit. He nearly sent magnets of varying sentiments flying, focused as he was on Lucilly and her answer.

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