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“Or Midnight Show,” Jeremy replied. “Although I doubt that that would be the type of song people would dance to.”

Oh, past Jeremy. He remembered when he had almost sung that for his school’s talent show. In retrospect he was kinda happy that the song went over the three minute time limit, otherwise there was probably going to be a bit of uproar amongst the teachers at the event. Thank god past him decided to go for Alouette or Desperado or whatever song he played back then instead. Assuming that he played a song back then, of course. He remembered being backstage back then but that could have easily been because of his spot on the council back then. Whatever, it wasn’t really relevant. Spoilers: Midnight Show was a song about a dude murdering his girlfriend, which was a meaning that Jeremy was totally unaware of until like, 2013 or something. Kinda made him feel dumb thinking about it, so he tossed it aside.

He was looking around trying to see if any of his friends were here right when BB grabbed his hand. He jumped, slightly, turning his head towards her and then down to their hands. Okay. This was fine. He could like this. Her hand was oddly cold compared to his but it was still kinda comfortable. Really, the thing that kinda concerned him about this was the implications. Holding somebody’s hand was typically a romantic gesture, right? Like, did this mean that BB liked him? Was this romantic? She had said in the emails that this was supposed to be a casual thing between the two of them but was it possible that she had a crush on him? He didn’t know, and to be honest he wasn’t sure whether he minded that or not. Going through the night, having fun with her and deciding later seemed like a good enough plan, though.

He looked through the gym, again trying to see if there was anyone he knew in the crowd. Nobody. A couple of faces he recognised but nobody he could walk up and start a conversation with. He turned his head back to BB, seeing where she wanted to go. He personally wanted to just kinda sit near a table but hey, tonight was the girl’s dance. Better for him to give his date the choice.

It turned out though that BB didn’t really have any idea on what to do either. Jeremy saw this as the chance to take initiative. Wait, was that the right way of saying it? He wasn’t sure. Was there a way of saying it that didn’t make him sound sociopathic? There probably was, but it wasn’t coming to his mind at the moment. He was just going to have to take his own word for it.

“To be honest, me neither. First thing I was thinking of was going to one of the tables over there,” He said, holding up his hand and-

Wait. Whoops.

“Sorry, wrong hand,” he apologised, placing the hand holding BB’s down and raising up his other hand. “One of the tables over there, wait until like, a good slash appropriate song starts playing,” he said, pointing towards one of the tables on the far end of the hall.
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