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For the young maiden braved the turmoils of her battle and as such, the Lord rewarded her. Benjamin said yes. Benjamin said yes and she was happy. There was little interest she held in the bodies of men. Yet Benjamin was different. His flesh, too, not a thought on her mind, yet she loved his soul. She loved his soul, and she knew that he loved hers. He understood. He said yes.

She wished, in secret and without mention, that his choice of words would have been different. Yet Lucilly was not the judge, and as such judge she did not.

There was a 'thank you', a curtsies and a blush to end all blushes, for Lucilly was truly grateful. A task has been completed, and another ordeal shall soon be endured. Yet for the moment, there was another beast to wrangle, and that beast was the Fields household.

The children besieged the dust and rust of living, and as they finished the lower floor, a great craving came to Lucilly. For there was this great craving, she suggested they shall take on the kitchen next, and take it on they did.
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