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Mia continued to fiddle with her sunglasses for a good few seconds. She placed them on top of her head, then on her face, then back on her head. She took them off, twirling them in her hand, folding and unfolding them. She bit her lip. Then she placed the sunglasses down on the table, pushed them out of arm’s reach, and gave Nathan a big, warm smile.

“No pressure…” Mia said, before nodding once. “No pressure. Got it! I can do that!”

Nathan’s comments hadn’t magically stopped her from feeling completely nervous all of a sudden, but it had allowed something to click in her head, something that was making her feel more calm. Saying ‘no pressure’ didn’t mean there really wasn’t any pressure anymore; far from it. This was important to Mia, and she still didn’t want to mess it up in the slightest. But focusing on that pressure, allowing it to continuously nibble away at the back of your mind, that would only make things worse. Worrying about the pressure would just heap more pressure on the thing you were doing, which would make you worry more and so on and so forth. It was a vicious cycle if Mia had ever seen one.

“Well, uh, I’m pretty sure my swim coach would kill me if they saw me eating fries; they can be kinda a hardass at times.” Mia said, still smiling, but glancing down at the menu, skimming it as quickly as she could. “But hey, what the hell, they’re not here, and fries are too good to pass up on, so I’m down for that!”

Mia looked down at the menu for a few seconds longer, before she pushed it to one side and looked up at Nathan. She tilted her head to the side, before softly laughing and smiling again.

“Y’know, I remember the first BMX competition I ever entered. I was standing up there at the top of the ramp, ready to go, and I was just feeling so nervous, way more nervous than I had been in any other swimming or soccer competitions. I dunno why, maybe it’s cause BMX is a lot more high-octane and stuff. Whatever, anyway! I just focused on that nervousness so much that it was the only thing I could think about. I think that I put in the worst sporting performance I ever have done in my life. I didn’t come anywhere near the top five spots, but, hey, still didn’t come last!”

Mia briefly raised her arms in mock celebration before continuing.

“Anyway, maybe because of that, next race, I just… felt so much more different. Like, I hadn’t done well previously, and yet the world hadn’t ended. People didn’t suddenly hate me or thought I sucked at BMX. I stopped thinking about the pressure and just tried to focus on cycling and… well, hey, can you guess what happened next?”


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