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"It sure does," BB said. "And hey, at least it's not, I dunno, 'Pumped Up Kicks' or something."

That was one that had been utterly inescapable for a while because nobody really cared all that much about lyrics. It wasn't even a bad song or anything, especially for super-mainstream pop, but it really grated on BB when people didn't pay enough attention to music to get the vaguest idea what it was about. She had this acoustic version she'd found on YouTube from some little radio station in Colorado or something that she liked playing for friends and family and anyone else who would listen, to help them figure out that, hey, this was a song about gunning people down.

Jeremy had his hand kind of awkwardly sticking towards hers so she grabbed for it. He seemed really uncertain and almost shy about this whole thing, actually, and BB couldn't quite place why. He'd been confident enough to joke around about some subjects that would've probably made half the class blanch, had seemed comfortable enough dealing with her when she approached him randomly around town, but tonight he appeared out of his element. She decided it was kind of charming, in a really unintentional sort of way.

The music that was playing was something BB could swear she'd heard somewhere, but it wasn't obnoxious so that was already a couple steps above what she'd been expecting. She wasn't so sure it was a the sort of thing that you could dance to easily, but that was expected and besides, if she had her way they'd throw on some nice quarter-hour drone suites and that would be equally unlikely to get feet stomping.

She scanned the gymnasium, trying to get a feel for the mood. They'd gotten here towards the earlier end of the dance, so everyone who wanted to be fashionably late had yet to manifest. The gym did look pretty nice; the lights were low and they had all this tacky space-themed junk around, but that was fun in a sort of ironic way where BB was pretty sure nobody was taking it seriously at all. Because this wasn't Prom, there were a bunch of underclassmen everywhere, and it was pretty funny to her how different from the juniors and seniors they seemed. Some of the freshmen still looked awestruck to be attending an actual high school dance, while most of the upperclassmen fell right into the swing of dancing or standing around being too cool to do so. There were some tables with food and beverages, and a bunch of teachers and parents hanging around on the periphery of the action, trying not to look miserable while they presumably watched for kids trying to sneak alcohol.

"I'm gonna be honest with you," BB said to Jeremy, "I didn't really plan this far. I've actually been pretty much winging all of this."
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