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A jam sounded like a great idea, it would allow Coleen to see their process and it would help people relax; at least Cameron found it helped her relax. Chilling and playing music with friends was good for the soul. Speaking of souls, she glanced over at Vanessa. Her friend cut an angry figure, standing there glaring at Coleen. It was slightly unnerving.

"Getting a jam going would be awesome." Cameron said in response to BB's suggestion. As the bassist started to fiddle with her amp Cameron turned her attention back to Vanessa. Yeah, her best friend looked pretty furious with the world in general. Cameron felt a pang of guilt in her stomach, she knew it had to hurt bad to be moved from one position to another and in the short term Vans would probably hate her for a while, long term however she would eventually come around and see how good the band was with Coleen added to the mix. At least, that was what Cameron hoped.

Vans was shaking and that made Cameron worry though, it didn't look like she was taking things well. That was the point where Cameron noticed that Vans was actually gripping her arm so hard she'd drawn blood. Cameron turned and put her body between Vans and the others; trying to avoid making a scene.

"Hey," She whispered making sure to keep her voice down for once in her life. But then a new problem presented itself. What did she say? 'How're you doing' sounded stupid and any other variation on that would be just as bad. Cameron settled for the simplest thing.

"I'm sorry for how this happened."
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