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Brendan would feel his face going red after Maxim complimented him back. Was he really blushing right now? He didn't want Alba to get the wrong impression. Maxim was just a friend. Brendan just didn't think that he would get a compliment from another guy. He had to calm down and not get the wrong idea himself. Maxim was just a friend. Brendan really didn't want to go into a stuttering mess in front of the other two. He needed to cool it and speak back to his friend in a sensible manner.

"Thank you, M....Maxim." He mumbled quietly and he cursed himself in his head for talking too quietly. He hoped Maxim had heard him say that.

He noticed that Alba and Maxim were chatting to each other. And he just feeling really nervous. He started to relax when they seemed to be getting along. He was happy that it didn't end badly. Maybe he just worried about things going wrong too much. He just needed to think positive. He noticed that Alba seemed to not mind him calling her a 'friend date'. That was a huge relief to him as he just panicked and called her whatever came to his mind. He would possibly apologize for that later to her. Maxim was now asking if he could sit with them. Just act normal, Brendan. Don't be too nervous around Maxim.

Brendan started to open his mouth after Alba finished speaking herself. "S....Sure. You can sit with us if you like to...." He smiled up at his friend and then he quickly averted his green eyes to his cup of punch. "Hey, um.... Would.... Would you like me to get you a cup of punch, Maxim....?"
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