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BB walked past him, flashing a smile as she did so. He returned it, smiling back at her as quickly as he could. Did he look weird when he smiled? He didn’t really know. If he did nobody told him that he did, although to be fair he rarely ever smiled anyway. Not in a “I HAVE NO EMOTIONS BECAUSE MY CHARACTER TRAIT IS THAT I’M A MASSIVE EMO” way though, more that his default facial position was a slight frown. It wasn’t really something that bothered him, so he didn’t really do anything about it. Anyway, going back to them smiling at each other. Jeremy felt a kinda tingly feeling as he did so. He dismissed it. This wasn’t like, a romantic date or anything; this was just two recent friends doing something fun with each other. This was casual, fun, nothing more. Lay all your thoughts and emotions on the table because there was nothing to hide there.

He had to admit that she looked pretty good though. The blueish-green dress worked on her. Didn’t really match with the colour of her hair but it was pretty despite that. He was pretty glad that his parents forced him into the peacoat now, because if he looked like he was going out to like, the corner store or something he would not fit with the person he was likely going to hang with all night. He would have also been likely to get mocked for it by someone like, Conrad or Darius or someone like that. Neither were people he really cared about but hey, avoiding it was a good thing, at least. Still, that wasn’t really the point. Point was that she looked pretty and he at the very least tried to match it.

She then gestured for him to come with her, and that was what he did. He jogged slightly until he was right next to her and then matched her pace as he walked beside her into the hall. He noticed that their hands were kinda close to one another, and he decided to straighten his arm a little just in case she wanted to hold it or something? He was pretty sure that holding someone’s hand had a romantic connotation to it and that was something he wanted to avoid and although he doubted that she thought it was a romantic thing it was better to give a signal just in case? He didn’t really know. Going to dances with a girl was kind of a new thing for him.

So they walked together into the hall, with Jeremy trying to listen out to what songs they were playing in the hall and-

Wait, that was the song they were playing? Like, it was okay; did mood well and although it was a little melodramatic he could get behind the piano and the vocals, but this wasn’t exactly the song he’d play at a school dance. It was far too dark in mood for the occasion.

“This song’s kinda gloomy for a school dance,” he said to BB, hoping that she’d agree. “Kinda does fit now that we’ve arrived, though.
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