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I'm also wholly unfamiliar with Rooster Teeth. My thoughts on a flavor claim by Frogue: the benefits of flavor claiming are that those who know the fluff can point out if Frogue is likely to be lying. Also, if Frogue is lying and is part of a scum team with safe claims that happens to have fewer of those than members, that's one of those burned. The potential drawback is that if Frogue is telling the truth, scum get extra information (confirmation that a character is in the game so they can better avoid screwing up with fake claims if they don't have safe claims, say), potentially depriving town of a catch later on.

I actually don't think it's a huge deal either way, but lean towards Frogue not claiming fluff just yet. The potential benefit of a catch, to me, outweighs the risk of giving lying scum a bit of extra room.

Also, very vague yet serious-face impressions:

Frogue strikes me as fairly believable at the moment. I like Grim and Yugi at initial glance, and am a bit hesitant about Flare and Bik. Everyone else I've got nothing on.
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