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"Got it!" He called back, grabbing a can of Dr. Pepper and bumping the fridge closed with his hip. He placed it on the counter and checked the oven again. This time, they were golden brown.


He put on a pair of oven mitts and pulled out the tray, setting it on the table to cool off. Samuel decided to wait for the cookies to cool before taking it all to Penelope. He hated making her wait, but it would save time. As he idled, thoughts of the upcoming dance drifted into his mind.

Samuel wasn't the sort of person to attend school socials, mostly because he didn't have anyone to go with. He'd be more inclined to go to dances if he had a date, or at least a group of friends to hang out with. Unfortunately, he didn't have many close friends, and for most of high school he was single.

Until now, of course.

Samuel was considering going, though the decision was out of his hands: Sadie Hawkins was a girls-ask-boys event, and it was entirely up to Penelope. Samuel wouldn't think much if she didn't ask, but he'd say yes if she did. He'd be willing to do most anything if that girl was involved.

After they'd cooled, he put them on a plate and carried the snack into the living room. "Bon appetit," he grinned, handing her the Dr. Pepper as he sat down. Samuel held the plate between them, and used his free hand to grab the remote. "You up for some TV?"

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