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He heard. Of course he heard and he heard her say the words 'despite'. An ugly word, and yet sometimes a word of hope. For it all depended on context. It depended on context which Benjamin did not have.

Lucilly smiled. Lucilly fidgeted. Lucilly thought.

Soon, her time in Cochise shall end. A chapter draws to a close so that she may enter a new one. There was no hint of melancholy and no hint of premature nostalgia as Lucilly pondered. For she has been blessed with purpose. A purpose she shall pursuit. Yet there was a single stray thought, all alone wallowing in her head. It yearned for a moment, a memory to be made, as her current chapter began to end.

Sadie Hawkins, a festivity hosted by their school. A dance, unique and special, for it is the lady who shall ask the gentleman. For it was the lady, who asserted her presence and did the deed. A strange situation for little Lucilly and yet there was that stray thought. That stray thought that wished to partake in such rituals, for it would be the last opportunity Cochise would offer her.

Lucilly smiled. Lucilly fidgeted. Lucilly dared.

"If there is no further hindrance... would you mind to attend Sadie Hawkins with me..?"

Lucilly smiled. Lucilly fidgeted. Lucilly blushed.
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