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((BB Gunnerson continued from The Second Mistake))

BB was trying to keep up with Jeremy, really, but she wasn't someone who wore heels a lot and that made the difference in their paces even more notable than it otherwise might have been. In fact, BB had paused for a second as Jeremy got out of the car to slip into her shoes; she'd driven barefoot and had a pair of sneakers stashed in the trunk just in case things got unbearable.

She didn't drive that often. Her family had two cars, but her parents didn't really like her using either unless it was a special occasion or she was running an errand for them, and for the most part BB was totally fine riding her bicycle. Tonight, however, she had her mom's sedan; her parents had taken her dad's car and said they were going on a romantic getaway to some sort of show in Las Vegas or something and had told her to have fun and be safe. Her mom's car was the older and crummier of the Gunnerson vehicles, with a scrape of silver cutting into the red paint above the left tail light and these sort of ugly fuzzy beige seat covers that were in part to cover where BB had spilled a cup of grape juice in the backseat when she was eight. That all actually made her feel a bit better, though, because it meant if she did ding it up somehow her parents wouldn't be quite as furious. Still, in an effort to avoid anything of the sort, she'd not even tried to drive in heels.

Jeremy was dressed nicely, which was good. BB hadn't really expected him to make much or any effort for this, but she'd dressed nicely herself anyways because there wasn't really any point going to a dance in jeans and a t-shirt, and her date won points for following suit. Getting a decent outfit had entailed a run to Ross, because most of her old dresses were too small or sort of ugly, but she'd found something nice. She'd taken a long time picking out the perfect thing; she wanted something a little sexy but not slutty like a bunch of the other girls would probably be wearing, something a little formal but not uptight. She'd settled on a sleeveless teal dress that flared out a bit below the waist and ended just above her knees. It was snug but not tight, comfortable enough that she could actually move in it, made out of this slick satin or something, and it had only run her a little over twenty bucks. She'd rounded her outfit out with silver stud earrings and a matching bracelet on her left wrist.

So everything was going well as she shuffled along after Jeremy. Cochise High School looked different after dark. It was probably just that she wasn't even near here often after normal school hours, let alone walking into the building, but it almost looked like a place where fun could be had. She wasn't expecting tonight to be mind-blowing or anything—she didn't even know for sure if any of the people she liked hanging out with would be showing up, and the outlook for good music was dire—but she was feeling optimistic nonetheless.

"Thanks," she said, flashing Jeremy a smile as he beckoned her inside. He'd been good company so far, so that was another front on which the evening was looking good. BB slipped past him and into the gym, but quickly turned around, raised an eyebrow, and waved Jeremy to join her.
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