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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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"Hey Burnie, quick question?"


"Are we filming a new Ten Little Roosters this week?"


"Okay, cool. So, what's up with the dead body in the conference room then?"


Alright everybody, this is an all-hands meeting. There's a dead intern in the conference room and honestly anybody here could be responsible. The place is on lockdown until-what? Yeah, yeah, we have a lockdown procedure. Because you people are a bunch of fucking animals, that's why. Well, there's a dead body, and nobody's owning up to it, so that kinda proves my point, doesn't it? Jesus.

Look, short story is that we've got to drag whatever idiot did this out of whatever hole they're hiding in and...y'know, take care of the problem. Rooster Teeth looks after their own, we're handling this in-house, no cops.

Get to it. We're not paying you for this. Of course we're not paying you, we don't do overtime, fuck you.

Welcome to Rooster Teeth Mafia! Try not to die.

Day phase will last seven days, night phases will last two days.

Post six times a day phase(a little less than one post a day) or receive an activity warning. Everyone gets one warning then I modkill or replace.

As always, editing posts is verboten. So is quoting role PMs or communicating about the game anywhere but the game thread unless a role PM or night action specifically gives you another place or method to communicate. Images and gifs are fine but I reserve the right to step in and tell everyone to calm down if things get too aggressive, so please try to play nice and respectful so I don't have to do that.

Imehal will also be providing vote counts and time updates as my mod protege. All questions and night actions should be directed to me, though, for simplicity's sake.

Post here when you get your role PM with a role received!

Player List:

1. Yugikun
2. DMBoogie
3. MW
4. RC
5. Prim

6. Flare
7. Grim Wolf
8. Bikriki
9. Frogue
10. d4nnyrulx
11. VysePresident
12. NAFT

The Dead:


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SotF Characters

the highest honor i'll ever achieve

Plush Wants To Read Your Dead Things and your Living Things! As of 8/14/2017, the Living Queue is Closed, and the Dead Queue is Open!
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