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Irene remembered that accent! She'd totally been there. Somehow that one of all things had become the in-joke though. It didn't even reference genetics! Though it apparently did reference the plight of the modern housewife. Somehow.

Segue into the... line? Jazzy could forget things too! Irene giggled, she thought it was unspeakably cute. As in, don't actually fucking speak of it or she'd be giving away too much too soon. That aside! What was the 'um'? Segue into the house? The street? The next scene?

It had been a lot of jumping, oohing-and-ahing, maybe a few awkward innuendos for good measure. One hell of a tour, Irene would definitely be leaving a positive review on Yelp. Compliments to the tour guide especially. Like 'XOXOXO' level compliments. Okay maybe that was one 'X' too many.

And to cap it all off, the bedroom. Squee. Significantly more squee worthy than the toilet, at any rate. Nicely polished and reflective as the porcelain had been.

"Wow, you have an insane view Jazzy! And your neighbors have an insane pool!" Briefly Irene wanted to swim, but sadly the law did not condone swimming in private property. Stupid law. Her eyes drank in the rest of the room, really etched it all into memory. Where hopefully, something would actually stick for longer than a few minutes. It was a simple, clean affair for the most part, sort of like home cooking given new form in room decor. Comfortable. Jazzy even had an actual bookshelf, instead of just leaving books strewn over the floor. So much Irene wanted to touch, open, move around like she were playing Minecraft or something. She'd have been digging at things with a pick and shovel if given half a chance. The eager young woman was at the toybox within the second, patting the shiny before gently daring to open it.

"It's adorable! I mean, like, I really really like what you've done in the place. Way neater than my room, at any rate. My parents would want to adopt you if they saw this, legit." Although being related to Jazzy would make dating her one day awkward... "Oh man, imagine us being related! We'd be like the brothers from Supernatural, only we wouldn't suck as characters. We would be the best characters, Jazzy. The fanfic would be legendary."

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Oh, it's so sad to think about the good times, you and I... · Memories from the Past