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Okay, now that Captain Jack Sparrow had heroically entered the port on a sinking ship, now was time for the quiet part of the song. Jeremy moved slightly closer into the piano, sharpening his fingers and only using them lightly as he continued through the song. He wasn’t quite sure where this part played in the movie (him not having watched in a couple of years) and there weren’t any dynamics on the page, but the notes there gave him enough of an idea of how to play them. This part was quiet, more subdued; building up to the next part although keeping the same heroic feel that the rest of the song had. Again, he wasn’t sure of the context, but he imagined that this part of the song played when Elizabeth was doing something? Possibly. He wasn’t sure, but he continued the song the way he thought it was supposed to be played, adding the eighth notes in the left hand to help the buildup. It sounded pretty good, even if the song was slower than the speed he was supposed to play it at.

Then someone tried talking to him and he had to stop playing the song so that he could listen and/or possibly reply back. Which sucked, by the way; he was actually getting super into that song. Hopefully whatever he was getting interrupted for was worth the interruption.

Turns out that the person who interrupted him was Alice Baker, asking him if the violins were still locked up in the back room. She wasn’t really somebody that Jeremy knew much. She was fairly quiet only really speaking up in class when the teacher asked her a question. He wasn’t really sure what her social circle was, either; she was probably one of those anti-social types who spent their lunchtimes reading alone in the library and/or practicing art, or something like that. Not the ideal person to interact with if he wanted to hold a conversation, but if he wanted to he could work with it. He was a little bit annoyed with her at the moment though, considering that she could have just, y’know, checked for herself instead of asking him when he focus was on the piano. Still, that didn’t mean he could/would be rude back. Better to fight hate with love? Not the most apt comparison, but it fit, slightly.

“Yeah, it’s locked. I checked it earlier when I came in here.”

The temptation to mutter something was repressed, but still there. He turned his attention back to the book.
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