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“Hey, darling, how was your day?” Jasmine asked, adopting an older, more feminine accent to match the voice that Irene had strut into the house with. They were referencing an improv skit that they had to perform for drama club a couple days ago. Basically, they in groups had to write down random lines onto a list, and then perform another group’s lines as a continuous story. They had actually gotten a fairly easy list to perform, given that the lines on it actually made a coherent story together. There was the weird bit at the end with the stabbing and the feminist statement, but compared to what some of the other groups eventually performed, they were fairly normal in comparison. They both liked that skit, and the intro to it had become a way for the two to meet each other within their unique lexicon. An in-joke that Jasmine actually got, if you will.

Irene soon dropped the accent, though, complimenting Jasmine’s place (something that got Irene a smile and a “Thanks!” from her) and asking where her room was. This got both a grin and a grimacing breath from Jasmine. The annotated tour of the King household had now begun. It was time to see whether she was going to regret asking her over or not.

“I am glad you asked that!” Jasmine exclaimed, placing her hands together in front of her chest. “Because that allows me to segue into the… um…”

What was the word that meant “once a decade?” It wasn’t coming to Jasmine’s mind. Oh well, she’d just have to be less grand for it then.

“I dunno what the word for it is, but we’re going to go tour my house!” She said, jumping on the spot. She moved to the other wall, flinging her arm out again, an action without quite as much irony in it this time.

“This is our family lounge room, where we shall be watching TV together after you’ve seen my bedroom!”

“And here is my bedroom!” Jasmine exclaimed, opening the door and walking in. It was a fairly small place, and it was really packed, but Jasmine didn’t really mind. Value for money, or something like that. It was the smallest of the bedrooms but it easily brought the most advantages. Like the window covering a large part of the north wall, for instance. Gave Jasmine a great view of another house and its pool. Also allowed her to listen in to what the neighbours were shouting when they were in the pool. It was never anything interesting but hopefully one day she’d get something juicy. The fact that her room was small also meant that it was easily to navigate. Desk to the east, window and toybox to the north, bed and chair to the west, bedside drawer, bookshelf and door to the south. It also had a nice, homely feeling to it. Probably gained from the fact that she had been in this room since she was six, but still, she was pretty sure Irene would like it.

She took another breath, grimacing. Time to see whether Irene liked her room or not.

“As you can see, it’s pretty homely. It has a nice view as well! If you look out the window, you get a nice view of the neighbour’s house, and if you get a look out the door, you get a lovely view of the toilet.” She said, giggling. “But anyway, what do you think?”
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