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Brendan let out a small nervous stutter when Alba asked who Maxim was. He should have at least asked her that if it was alright to invite his friend to join them. That was a bit rude of him not to ask her before waving Maxim over to the two of them. Maybe Brendan had gotten a bit too confident tonight. He could at least now tell Alba about Maxim. Maybe he could make the two of them become friends. He was hoping that he hadn't accidentally ruined things. That would really be a disappointment and it could possible break Brendan's heart.

"O-Oh, this is Maxim. He's a good friend of mine. I think he is a bit more shy than me. I hope you don't mind him joining us. He just looked really lonely standing over there by himself." Brendan was whispering very quietly to Alba as Maxim was getting closer to the table, feeling embarrassed. "I hope you will like him, Alba. He's really nice."

Brendan glanced up to look at Maxim once he was more closer to the table and he smiled shyly. "H-Hey, Maxim. I'm surprised that you actually came to the dance. But I'm glad to see you. You really do look great. This is Alba. She's my um.... um...." Brendan suddenly stopped talking as he wasn't sure what to say. He and Alba weren't exactly boyfriend and girlfriend. So he couldn't call her his girlfriend. Date? Friend? Maybe one of those? "....Friend date?"

Brendan was a bit puzzled by what he said. But he was also hoping that Alba wouldn't get upset at him for saying that. And he was hopeful that Maxim would not get confused by him saying that. He wanted to hide under a rock right at that moment.
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