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((Alice Baker continued from The Funny Thing Is, I Keep On Returning Over and Over))

"Oh!" Alice exclaimed as she slipped into the music room that she'd assumed would be empty, only to discover that it was inhabited by a boy. Jeremy, if she recalled, though she only really knew him from sharing class. They weren't in the same peer groups as far as she knew. He was a gamer, she was pretty sure.

Alice had come by the music room as she often did, early, to practice. For obvious reasons, she liked the extra time to compose and practice at school, though she was occasionally thwarted by a locked door. Still, it was fair enough; her violin was very expensive, and besides money she would be horrified if it were lost or stolen. She'd had it for years, after all.

"Hi, sorry, I was...just popping in. Don't mind me." Alice said quietly. Too quietly, perhaps, since she couldn't even here herself over the piano. It seemed Jeremy was quite talented, which was surprising. He didn't look like a pianist. Then again, she really ought not to judge people by their covers.

More loudly, Alice said, "Excuse me, do you know if the violins are still locked up?"
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