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Benjamin showed great expertise and even greater finesse with handling the beast that was the cleaner. Grandiose words, of course, for the cleaner was ever so heavy in both weight and sound. Lucilly helped by picked these and those up, which was too large for the cleaner to consume, and some other of these and those, which Benjamin has accidentally knocked from a table as he turned.

She made no mention of it, as the frantic roar of the machine was too loud for usual conversation. Yet Benjamin pushed forth and tried nonetheless. Alas, there was much trouble in understanding, but Lucilly did her very best, and even fetched a scrap here and there. Enough, at least, for her to piece together the meaning he had tried to convey.

He mentioned the usefulness for Facebook. If not for the current moment, then for the moment for when they depart from each other. It was a thought that concerned Lucilly. She had left friends behind once in her life, and there was doubt in her mind. Was the way she held contact enough, or was it perhaps even too much? She did not know, for she was strange.

Either way, as Benjamin continued on, a thought of concern for Benjamin was planted in her soul. She was aware of where life would take her next, yet poor Benjamin had yet to find a path into his future. Such was the way of the fallen and the wicked, but as she would not leave Kingman, she too resolved she would help him in any way she could.

"Actually, I shall stay in Kingman, as I will attend the Mohave community college." She thought she spoke a little too softly, so she repeated herself, yet with more volume in her voice this time.

"Perhaps we will accompany each other for a longer time. Despite this, however..."

She trailed off, and she smiled at Benjamin. She knew why she came to him. She knew why she came aside from the fact that she was an aiding soul, for she had a question that she had to pose. She knew she had a segue and she knew she did not dare just yet.

It was the vacuum, without doubt.
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