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((Jeremy Frasier’s Sadie Hawkins adventure, continued from The Second Mistake))

“And we’re here!” Jeremy exclaimed, extending the second word of his sentence as he tapped his hand on the door to the school gymnasium. While the gym was a place Jeremy actively tried to avoid if he could (PE prac not being very fun unless the sport he was doing was something he liked, such as badminton or tennis), tonight seemed to have changed Jeremy’s feelings about the place, if only for a short time. He turned his head behind him quickly, making sure that BB Gunnerson - his date for the night - was still right behind him. He snorted, slightly. Making sure that he didn’t outspeed her had been a lot harder than he thought it would. He was a fast walker, and he tended to not waste time when the bell rang, meaning that he normally got to places faster than his classmates did. It was a talent that was great for his academics, but it wasn’t that great when he needed to be with people. Maybe that was why he was alone in the cafeteria that day? He knew that most of the people he regularly hung with took their time getting to other places, so it wouldn’t really be a surprise if that was the reason he ended up sitting with her.

After their chance meeting at the record store, the two had started emailing each other, hashing out the plans for what was happening at the dance and sharing a small conversation on which bands Jeremy liked. The plan was that BB would pick Jeremy up at 5:30 PM, and that was exactly what happened. She drove up in front of his house, Jeremy said bye to his parents, and he exited his house wearing a formal black shirt and peacoat. He told his parents that the occasion wasn’t that important and that BB likely didn’t really give a shit about the way he dressed (not with that wording, of course) but they wouldn’t budge. Jeremy got in the car (front seat, of course; there was no point in sitting in the backseat when you had nobody to sit with), they drove around for a bit, and then they got here.

“But anyway, um…” Jeremy didn’t really have an idea of what he was going to do now he was at the dance. He had the idea that he was going to have to dance at some point, given that this was the Sadie Hawkins dance and all, but he had neglected to tell BB that he… kinda danced like a lumberjack with no legs. He was actually surprised that he got a B when he had to dance in PE, and considering that unit he had a reason to avoid the gym during that time period. Still, he could manage this. Maybe they could go to one of the snack tables and just hang there the whole night. That’d be fun, and it would mean that Jeremy wouldn’t be able to embarrass himself in front of BB. Yeah, that sounded like a good plan. He’d need to see the inside of the place before he could work the plan out. He stepped to the side, gesturing his hands towards the door.

Hopefully this would go okay for him.

“Ladies first?”
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