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Conrad caught Kizi just fine, which was good. Last thing that needed to happen was a domino line of people falling on the dance floor or something.

Clarice didn't quite know why, but she felt kind of uncomfortable for a moment. Something off about the whole scene. But she wasn't really the sort to linger on weird unexplainable feelings, so it quickly passed.

“You sure, Kizi? I actually could totally go for some snacks.” Clarice looked between Conrad and Kizi. “I mean, if you've got things to do it's fine, but… I mean, I don't know? Whichever works?”

She did want to keep dancing, although she wasn't lying about being kind of peckish. Really, either way would be fine with her. But she wasn't sure if Conrad wanted to go over there, and she also didn't know if Kizi was just bowing out to be polite.
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