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Vanessa didn't look very happy. Everyone else did, and with good reason—Coleen had pretty much nailed the song—but Vanessa looked like she was shaking slightly. That meant the best thing to do would be to move this along, and quickly. Coleen had given them a great opening, too, by suggesting that they show her what one of their sessions usually looked like. It meant that Peyote Coyote could do something as a unit, something that would be theirs and that Coleen wouldn't be part of just yet. The integration could relax its pace a bit in a natural fashion. BB couldn't have schemed up something better herself.

"That was really nice. And jamming sounds great," she said, smiling really wide—too wide? Hopefully not too wide—and sort of nodding at the others. "I've even got a few new ones we can try. I can get us started, and you can see how we do things, Coleen."

She gave the strings of her bass a couple plucks, to just about no effect.

"Oops. Forgot I'm not plugged in. I'll get on that."

She was making that up, of course; she wasn't stupid or inattentive and knew darn well she wasn't gonna get any sound. In fact, it was the opposite; she paid enough attention and thought things through enough to make the occasional little intentional mistake for the proper effect. In this case, she just wanted to let the tension out of this room a bit.

"I'm actually only half-tuned, too," she said. "I got distracted earlier. Give me a hand tuning up and setting up the amps and all, Vanessa?"
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