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Brendan chuckled softly and he glanced around at everyone having a fun time. Having a red tongue sounded like it would be very funny to see. He could imagine having a good laugh about it with Alba. He looked back down at the punch cup in his hand and he put it back down on the table. Everything was going well so far. However he didn't know what he should say next. He wasn't that great at conversations. But at least he could try now.

"It would be pretty funny to have a red tongue. I have never been this happy to do dancing before. I wasn't that terrible at it, was I? I think I only slipped once but at least I didn't bump into someone else." He was joking about happily and he felt more relaxed and a bit more confident in Alba's presence. "I definitely need to do more things with you, Alba. We should do more fun things like this more often. You really.... made me feel less awkward and nervous out there on the floor."

Brendan turned his gaze away from the dance floor and he was now focused on some people leaning against one of the walls. Some were chatting to each other. Then Brendan was slightly surprised to see a familiar face. Was that...? Yes, he did recognize him. Maxim Kehlenbrink.... Brendan had been friends with Maxim for a few months now. They had both met at the library when Brendan had been looking for a book to read and he saw Maxim's head buried into a book. He was sure that it was a fanasty novel. He had been too nervous to talk to Maxim at first and then Maxim had noticed Brendan staring at him. Brendan had got really embarrassed and apologized for being very awkward. Then they started to talk about books somehow and they just kind of became friends.

Brendan really did like Maxim a lot. He was hoping that Maxim wouldn't become another one of his crushes in the future. Because Brendan didn't want to screw things with Alba. He wanted things to be perfect. He had to try not to get all weird in front of Maxim. Because he really wanted Maxim to come over and join him and Alba. Maybe the three of them could talk about book ideas. Not very romantic.

Brendan could see that Maxim was dressed up nicely. Why was he here? Brendan was curious as he was sure that dances were not Maxim's thing. Did Maxim have a date himself? Brendan couldn't see anyone with Maxim. Why would he come alone?

Brendan felt sorry for Maxim. He could see that Maxim was glancing in their direction. Brendan gave him a warm smile and he wave to him to come over to their table. He wasn't going to bother to shout as the music was too loud for Maxim to hear him. Brendan was never comfortable with yelling. He would be happy to have Maxim join the two of them.
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