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As the lecture continued, Henry heard an awful lot of talking going on in the background. He wasn't especially interested in this part of class; the descriptions were the best part of the class when he didn't know the genre, but this time he did, so he didn't really pay much attention to that part? That was probably kinda bad, but Henry didn't think the teacher was super-invested, so whatever.

Michael piped up with something about chainsaws. Henry didn't mind slashers! He liked the gore and the scary atmosphere they often had, but he usually preferred the psychological horror. The ones where you have to step away and sit in silence after you watch them, as Noah put it. Noah was cool, he was funny and Henry liked him.

"Oh, I love Rosemary's Baby!" Henry said, glancing over at the other guy. "Which Haunting, though? 1963 or 1999?"
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